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Street Style Stories #1: Devon / Berlin – Friedrichstraße

Oktober 19, 2017

• Devon Kaylor, street style photographer, Fashion Command Post •


Cocco: What’s the story behind your outfit?

Devon: I am all about vintage, second-hand, pieces from consignment stores. I try to buy as little new items as possible. There is too much fashion waste on the planet as it is, I don’t want to add to it. I also don’t believe in paying a lot for clothing, BUT I do want to look current and stylish. I passed this look off of the Gucci men’s FW2017 show. The plaid jacket is exactly like the one from the show but it is a vintage men’s piece I found at Goodwill, along with the vintage Gucci belt, Hype sweatshirt. The Dolce and Gabbana men’s ski pants were given to me by a designer friend of mine. The other accessories are new, but were on sale – the pin is from a store in Lech, Austria – Strotz (I go there on and off season to check out their amazing yearly sale), and the leather painted backpack is from Topshop. Total cost 25 €. I like wearing somewhat mixed gender clothing. My wardrobe ranges from super female sexy to very androgynous looks. Clothing is about a mood at times and I go from all black to super colourful depending how I feel and the image I want to project on a certain day. I never want to be boring with my clothing and it is fun to search shops for just the right piece, at just the right price!



Fotos: Cocco Coccoletta

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